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Sara’s Experience with Pilates

After a significant back injury in January 2017, I began Pilates and haven’t looked back since. It has become an integral part of helping me stay injury free, as well as improving my performance in all three disciplines. Overcoming, my own injuries has inspired me to share the benefits of the Pilates method for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Pilates in Bragg Creek 2017

Welcoming in the New Year with a glimpse into what is happening at our studio here in Bragg Creek, situated within easy travel distance from both the city of Calgary and Cochrane. Whether you are totally new to the Pilates method or a Seasoned Pilates Teacher we have something to offer you. January – Pilates…


Pilates Teacher Training begins…

[Joan is a writer/editor and currently under performing athlete whose background and interest in sport and sport medicine fortunately brought her to Pilates as a practitioner. Her idea of teaching is through the written word so she’ll continue to blog on the TT journey to share the learning.] My head and my body are sore….


Cores & Effect Pilates Teacher Training and Apprenticeship Overview with Tanis Fleming

Cores and Effect Pilates Studio in Bragg Creek will be offering a ten-month, comprehensive training Diploma Program in the Traditional Pilates Method, starting this fall! Traditional Pilates is a unique and in-depth knowledge of human kinetics that facilitates correct movement patterning and optimizes functional movement for everyone. As for most people in our modern world,…


Pilates and Back Pain… Because Back Pain is no Joke!

Numbers related to how many people suffer from back pain are staggering, one in three people ! I personally suffered for years, and can empathize with how debilitating and frustrating back pain can be. Throughout my own journey and looking at the research done into the pain cycle, it is clear there is far more…


PILATES provided a new path

When the smallest of thoughts came to me about changing my career path and devoting to Pilates, I knew instantaneously that I didn’t want to spend eons contemplating the decision. The timing seemed right to re-evaluate my career and its direction, and it was a far scarier prospect for me not to take the risk,…