Cores & Effect Pilates Teacher Training and Apprenticeship Overview with Tanis Fleming

Cores and Effect Pilates Studio in Bragg Creek will be offering a ten-month, comprehensive training Diploma Program in the Traditional Pilates Method, starting this fall!

Traditional Pilates is a unique and in-depth knowledge of human kinetics that facilitates correct movement patterning and optimizes functional movement for everyone. As for most people in our modern world, there is often strain and repetitive injury, or chronic issues that arise or sports specific injuries that can occur, and all of these problems need to be addressed systematically. Pilates is an incredibly versatile method that does this elegantly and appeals to all individuals no matter what stage of life they are in!

Tanis Fleming is a master teacher and gifted practitioner. Cores and Effect supports her dedication to the spirit of Joseph Pilates original method and philosophy. This training program will ground you in experience with and expose you to all the authentic Pilates Apparatus equipment as well as the smaller Auxiliary Pilates Method equipment necessary to skillfully apply the method in your teaching career. In addition, you will learn an integrated approach to the application of facilitation techniques, applied functional anatomy, postural analysis, myofascial release techniques and more. The aim of this program is to graduate with sophisticated knowledge and skill compared to many popular training programs available today. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to pass the Pilates Method Alliance exam and become a certified instructor, enabling you to teach in Pilates studios worldwide.

Why choose Cores & Effect over other training programs?

Many programs offer only module based training in which all apparatus are divided into sections – most participants complete only a Mat and/or Reformer (a major piece of apparatus) certification, creating lack of overall knowledge and expertise in the method. This makes it difficult to obtain job placement in a Pilates studio. This training style eliminates the auxiliary equipment and most importantly, all the many details and relationships between the exercises and apparatus that make the method effective, and trans formative for the client. We focus on the integration of the nuances of the complete method, all of which will make you a well-rounded, sought after and fantastic teacher!

At Cores and Effect we believe in the brilliance of Joseph Pilates original vision and are dedicated to keeping this method alive in a very modern expression of its teaching. We will stay true to the method and train you in it as it is meant to be taught, as well as pass down a wealth of intellectual knowledge and experience in bodywork techniques…it’s all in the details!

We are committed to you, to the authenticity of the method and to passing it down to the next generation!

The Program will be led by Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor Tanis Fleming.

Tanis is certified in all Apparatus and has over 15 years experience teaching Pilates and in owning and operating both studios and a home- based business. Tanis has an extensive dance and kinesiology background and has trained in both Contemporary and Classical Pilates. In her ongoing practice with the method she has also been influenced by her experience of working collaboratively within the physiotherapy industry.

We are looking forward to offering a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program. You will be trained on all the equipment from a beginner to an advanced level:

Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze, Chair, Mat Arc Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, Jump Board, Pedi-Pole, Magic Circle and other props. Over 500 exercises!

What the Comprehensive Program will cover:

  • Functional musculoskeletal anatomy, fascia, viscera and postural/gait analysis
  • Palpation of muscles and bony landmarks and mobilization techniques.
  • Developing your eye for diagnosing and correcting
  • Clear, efficient teaching and lesson planning
  • Neuromuscular patterning and sequencing of exercises
  • Verbal Cueing
  • Tactile Cueing
  • Special client populations to consider
  • Relationships in the body
  • Relationships of the exercises & apparatus and how to progress through the proper stages of mastering the classic exercises.
  • Modifications to consider and when to apply them
  • Gender differences in movement/strength and how to plan accordingly
  • Differences between contemporary and classical Pilates methods.
  • History of Pilates, Teachers and different lineages.
  • Imagery
  • Business Training and etiquette
  • Self-care and surviving as a teacher.
  • Safety Issues

Email : for further information and to register.