Pilates for Equestrians Workshop

Equestrian Workshop

Aspects of Riding that Pilates can Improve:

  • Your riding position and posture
  • Your alignment, and ultimately your horse’s too
  • Your core stability and balance (less falls)
  • Your flexibility (better sitting trot)
  • The independence of your seat (no more hanging on the reins)
  • How you use your body to reduce wear and tear and injuries

Workshop Covers the Following:

  • The Riding -Pilates Connection – Awareness, balance and centering.
  • Assessing the Rider Off the horse – designed to teach riders how to feel better and notice their body. Individualizing a program to suit your exact needs.
  • Common Riding Problems and their corrections
  • Mat Exercises – Barn & Home Program

What  Equestrians have to say about Pilates:

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