Coach Kyle Jenson on The Cores & Effect Pilates Tool Kit

As a professional coach, The Cores & Effect Pilates Tool Kit is a great resource for those who are recovery from injury.

The book lays fantastic groundwork to understanding the philosophy behind the exercises, which every athlete would benefit from understanding. The huge number of exercises (along with video supplementation) is well thought out and taught in a simple manner, which makes this a great book for self-directed rehabilitation and prevention.

— Coach Kyle Jensen

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This book will give you a varied and obtainable home practice, help you reduce stress in your body, manage aches and pains. Through fascial release, stretch, connection exercises and integrating better movement into your life you will feel the improvement . This is the perfect book to read prior to starting Pilates private sessions too. Learn the basic principles as we add in the Pilates work into our Tool Kit for you.