To all the Equestrians out there …

We can often ignore the importance of control of our own body and concentrate on control of the horse only. But there are practical ways through the Pilates method we can become more balanced, centered and stronger in the saddle to deal with energies and forces that are at play.

For a dynamic and remarkable riding rapport with your equine partner, try Pilates. It will produce a beautiful performance in you both.

Ulla is a Cores & Effect client and shares her experience:

Having started Pilates with Amy is one of the best things I’ve done.

Being a rider, it has helped in so many areas.

Beginning to learn how to use my core correctly, starting to be aware of my feet are only a few of the benefits.

I’m slowly noticing that I’m able to sit more deeply in the saddle, and by learning to engage my back, I’m able to relax my shoulders and arms and offer my horses a more soft and feeling contact with the bit. Figuring out where my crookednesses and compensations are, I’m noticing some of the problems in my horses straightnesses. It’s amazing how old injuries are effecting how I use my body, and getting them erased is making a huge difference.

Pilates has not just started to improve my abilities in the saddle, but my overall health and outlook on life is better.

It’s amazing how uplifting it is. I can arrive at a session feeling tired and stressed, and by the time I’m done, I feel invigorated.

I’m very excited about my future in Pilates!

Thank you Amy!!

-Ulla N. Allan