Calling all Equestrians!

Calling all Equestrians! Can your seat handle the spook?

Today was a test for me to ride my equine friend through a huge spook – to use my body to sit back, seat deep, stay relaxed, keep my balance and get the horse under control. I know that my Pilates work in my body saved a potentially different outcome out on the trails today – advanced body awareness, connection and strength remained me seated through a potentially unseating duck, spin & up and down plunging maneuvers.

At Cores & Effect we an increasing number of Equestrians that train with us and today I introduce Lori one of them and her experience with Pilates.

“When I started Pilates with Amy I had no idea how far reaching the effects of it would be in so many areas of my life. I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience, and I love it!

The most unexpected changes have been in my abilities as an equestrian rider. Through learning proper alignment, stretching and strengthening throughout my body I not only feel better balanced and more secure in my seat, but I can actually feel my horse better and what his body is doing. I’ve been amazed at the many light bulb moments I’ve had. Such as, when I come to an awareness of my own crookedness I realized I’m usually trying to correct the same crookedness in my horse when I ride. I’m happy to report now when I ride I’m aware of those tendencies in both of us, and I’m more effective in correcting it with the increased knowledge, strength and balance Pilates is giving me. As a result, we are both straighter and we work together much more harmoniously. Another time, I had a Pilates session focusing on alignment and maintaining proper balance in my feet. When I rode after my session I tried to keep the same focus of alignment and foot balance in the stirrups. Much to my surprise my horse moved more easily off my aids, freer in his strides and more responsive to my half halts. It was truly amazing!

This is just a snippet of my experiences with Pilates as an equestrian rider, but I can say without hesitation overall, it has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and learning so far and I am excited for the journey to continue.”

-Lori & Zenari