2017-2018 Teacher Training

Stuck in a rut & looking for a career change?

Want to develop a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method?

An exceptional opportunity for teacher certification. This 10 month course offers over $21,000 combined value of instruction time and resources for only $6,900. We invite you to join our growing community of practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts.

This course is designed for Pilates Enthusiasts & those wishing to teach Pilates professionally.

Training at Cores & Effect is a unique opportunity to learn the Classical Pilates method at a depth that will transform your physical body while qualifying you as a teacher on all Pilates traditional apparatus and mat.

Total Value

Over $21,340 for only $6,900

This course includes:

Training by Master Teacher Tanis Fleming

The industry standard for Master teacher instruction is $95/hour and upwards.  Individual instruction is the best way to learn the classical Pilates method. The value of training by our Master teacher, Tanis Fleming, in this course represents $15,390 worth of instruction time. Individual instruction takes place through Core Educational Workshop Intensives with Tanis, one weekend per month from September 2017 to June 2018. This program is designed to work around your busy life.

Value: $15,390.00

You will also receive:

Personal Coaching Support, Transitional Learning Support & customized learning outcomes.

This aspect is unique to our program and has been designed to enhance your learning experience. By addressing issues of motivation, habit formation and the cross fertilization of group interaction while learning new skills, you will enhance your teaching skills and grow your confidence. Through communal support you will master new skills during your individual practice/student teaching practice.  It is not only fun but invaluable to the growth and development of our teacher trainees and enthusiasts.

Value: $ 2,700.00 

Supervised Studio Time for Self Practice

Included in this package is access to the studio for your own self practice. This is offered three times a week for 2 hour supervised sessions.

Value: $ 2,250.00


You will also receive manuals, online education resources, workbooks, etc.. Yours to keep and reference throughout your teaching career.

Value: $ 1,000.00 

A Brand New You

This program is a transformative experience which will increase your vitality in every aspect of your life. Plus in under a year you will be poised to launch a brand new career in the ever growing health and wellness industry with skills and training that have stood the test of time.


Email info@coresandeffectpilates.com today for more information, for a studio visit or to sign up.