Steve Resta — Physiotherapist

The Tool Kit book is a great resource either as a primer for those new to Pilates or as a refresher for those already familiar with this worthwhile regime. The step by step instruction along with the ability to view videos of the exercises makes it easy to follow and execute the movements successfully. The Tool Kit book works well on its own but to really optimize the learning experience, I highly recommend also taking the Took Kit class. Having instructor feedback to fine tune positions/postures helps to solidify the material presented in the book.

Through the Took Kit book and class, the Cores and Effect team have provided fundamental information regarding the recent advances of neuroscience related to pain and how it can effect movement. This will undoubtedly assist the user to truly understand the importance of integrating this material to help restore and optimize essential movement patterns throughout the body. The Tool Kit ensures all users a safe foundation for the development of more advanced mobility, flexibility and strength work required for optimal physical function during activities of daily living, sport, work and play.

Steve Resta