Amy Krazizky & Tracey Skinner are excited to present a unique offering for Equestrians.

A collaboration of specific skill sets to support you and your horse through challenges to your goals.

Our philosophy is ‘to meet everybody where that body is at’, to support you and your horse in a process of growth no matter at what level you are presently at.

In our up and coming clinics we will address physical, mental and emotional awareness in your equine partnership.

How often your time and effort doesn’t equal the progress you’re making, and why that happens.

We will help you remove obstacles that are holding you back from training in a productive way, offering a supportive training community & mentorship program to guide you on your equestrian journey.

No matter what your discipline, how small or large your goals are, the Equestrian Tool Kit is the perfect starting point.

At this point in time we kindly ask you to assist our marketing & planning by completing our questionnaire.

To WIN private sessions with both Amy & Tracey please complete and submit your questionnaire by March 31, 2021 to be automatically entered in to a draw. (one winner only gets both sessions)

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