Foot Workshops

Foot Corrector, Toe Tensometer, and 2x4 Workshop

Did you know that your feet connect you to your seat? Dynamic human kinetics rely on the health of the feet, and how they are being used in relation to the working body.

You can fix your feet with Pilates!

Add a whole new dimension to your practice and learn the lost art of the auxiliary apparatus pieces designed specifically for the feet – the Foot Corrector, Toe Tensometer, and the 2×4. These pieces are phenomenal for opening the metatarsal joints, correcting damage from bunions, strengthening the arch, forefoot, and toes…and making the brain feel the feet again! Be prepared to be astonished and amazed!

Cost of Three hour workshop: $150.00

Included in your workshop:
  • A comprehensive instruction Manual
  • Your own Toolkit of specific devices for your feet
  • Knowledge and motivation!

What  clients have to say about our Foot Workshops:

``Add a whole new dimension to your practice``