Stretch, Release, and Pre-Pilates Class

This course will give you a varied and obtainable home practice, help you reduce stress in your body, manage aches and pains. Through fascial release, stretch, connection exercises and integrating better movement into your life you will feel the improvement . This is the perfect course to take prior to starting Pilates private sessions too. Learn the basic principles as we add in the Pilates work into our Tool Kit for you.

Getting in shape is a buzz word we all live with in our daily lives. How we do that remains an enormous obstacle for many people. At Cores & Effect Pilates we believe the real issue is getting connected first, and then shape and strength will come as a consequence of connection.

Whether you are an athlete seeking your competitive edge or you are among the many people who live with chronic pain or musculoskeletal issues, effective, satisfying exercise can feel like a huge challenge. Keeping this in mind, within the Pilates method, even before the basic Pilates exercises can be properly and safely mastered, certain issues that commonly arise in our modern lives – and in our “modern” bodies – must be addressed.

At Cores & Effect we have designed a program to assist people as both an introduction to the core principles involved in learning Pilates and as a specific method to facilitate body awareness and mind – movement connectivity.

This course is designed to meet you at your level of body awareness, strength and ability, and to help you build a sustainable, effective and realistically obtainable home practice. Through fascial release techniques, appropriate stretching, body mind connection/awareness exercises and the integration of better movement patterns into your life, you will feel the improvement in your body and everyday life.

In addition, this program is a perfect starting place prior to embarking on private Pilates sessions, where you will then have the opportunity to learn the Pilates method deep within the body, guided by an experienced teacher.

With a thorough introduction, via the pre-Pilates work in this course, you will start your Pilates adventure with a tool kit that you can systematically add to – with skills and techniques laying down the supportive habits of correct dynamic movement for your body.

Is the C&E Toolkit right for you?
  • Are you dealing with chronic pain or dysfunctional movement patterns?
  • Are you having difficulty getting into shape?
  • Have you run into a plateau or obstacle in your training?
  • Do you have poor posture?

What  clients have to say about our Tool Kit Mat Classes: