What Our Clients Say About Pilates…

  • Pilates with Amy over the past few months has been incredible. She is very diligent and is constantly challenging me in different ways and no work out is ever the same.

    I have been dealing with reoccurring pain over the past few years. Amy has taught me exercises that allow me to work through and relieve the pain while building a stronger core base. Her confidence, energy and determination to build strength to the core of the body makes training with Amy a fantastic experience.

    –Lizanne Averill

  • I have been doing Pilates with Amy Krazizky for a couple of months and am amzed that it has taken me 69 years to find out about Pilates. We all tend to take our bodies for granted and don’t listen to them when they complain about the things we make them do. With Amy I am learning about the interconnections throughout the body and recognizing what works and what stresses my body. I am certainly not leaping around like a 20 year old (yet) but find the progress that I am making and the difference in energy, posture and strength very encouraging. And it is a lot of fun – look forward to the classes and even happily do my homework!


  • Prior to learning Pilates with Amy I suffered from a chronic back injury as a result of a car accident. After years of injections, surgery and other varied treatments I am finally able to manage my body without the need for medication and do yard work and exercise without the fear of a sore back.

    Thank you Amy:-)


  • Pilates is amazing, I have gained core strength and flexibility It just makes you feel energised and toned. I’m hooked!!


  • Although I thought I was well versed in fitness & rehab options, when my physiotherapist recommended I try Pilates one-on-one sessions to help with my chronic spinal pain, I didn’t know what to expect.
    The gentle but challenging re-training of the body’s patterns of movement (often guarded and ineffectual after chronic injury) under Amy’s astute supervision has already proved to be more effective than anything else I’ve tried. Her specialized equipment and individualized programming is designed to protect and support the body while gradually rebuilding its strength.
    Amy has been an ideal guide for discovering Pilates. Experienced through her own journey, she is empathetic, passionate and resourceful. Her home studio is comfortable and well equipped. I highly recommend Cores & Effects Pilates; we’re fortunate to have Amy in our Bragg Creek community.


  • I have been taking Pilates with Amy for about 6 months now and absolutely love it.  My job gives me a lot of neck and back pain and I find great relief doing Pilates. In this short time I have found huge improvements to my posture and overall strength.  Amy is very knowledgeable and makes every class fun and interesting at the same time. Her approach is very clear and she adapts certain exercises to suit me individually. I would highly recommend Amy, she is an amazing Pilates instructor.


  • Tracy Mills

    I have almost completed the 6 week introduction to Pilates with Amy. I’ve been doing yoga for about 5 years, but this was the first time I’d done any pilates other than a following a home video afew times. What a difference Amy has made! This simple introduction is great for anyone to follow – the awareness that Amy gives us to our body, how it performs (or not), and how a problem in one area can have knock on effects in other locations. I would definitely recommend this class to newcomers to Pilates, and anybody wanting to get off the couch to begin an exercise routine. I will now be able to continue to improve my fitness level with an awareness of what good posture should feel like, and the importance of core strength (hopefully one day I will have it). I can also see the benefit of Pilates to other athletes of any discipline whether it may be for helping to recover from injury or to correct or diagnose an imbalance. Amy is very professional, but very friendly too, and has a lovely ability to put clients at ease, and she has created a studio space which is calming and full of natural light. – Tracy Mills

  • Tracy Mills

    I ❤️my experience that I am having with Amy.
    Her teaching is very in tune with my individual needs of dealing with a severe trauma in my family, hysterectomy with delayed healing and yeahbeing diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
    Some days I feel like I have been hit by a truck and I still limp in and somehow Amy gets me through it.☺️
    With a long history of yoga, dance and 100%percent dedication I already had to my health ,it has been a severe emotional and physical blow to navigate bringing myself back into alignment, learning how to listen to my body and rejoicing for what I have on all levels.
    Amy is helping me strengthen myself in ways I did not previously in any of my practices, physically and emotionally.
    I am making changes in my body that are so nice to achieve even though this was a new area of physical activity for me. Amy is genuinely caring, smart, funny and knows her stuff when it comes to teaching pilates.
    The space is beautiful and welcoming.
    My daughter has joined her in a group class of a few young ladies, and all I can say is that I am so thankful my daughter gets to learn these fundamentals of pilates to carry her through to leading a long and healthy life.
    So worth giving it a shot, so glad I did. – Janel Butler

  • Carla Murray

    Without Amy at Cores & Effect Pilates I would still be in extreme pain. Unexplained neck pain-had an MRi, cat scan, top specialist in various fields and no explanation.
    Amy started working with me and the pain I had for over 5 years started to ease off and is gone. Thank goodness I couldn’t take it anymore! I had an ulcer from pain meds and it was making me feel exhausted all the time.
    She works me hard but so happy to be pain free. I have been able to get back to walking(my solace with nature) – Carla Murray

  • Vivian Luoma

    I have known about Pilates for a while and was thrilled that a studio opened in Bragg Creek. I am very pleased to work with Amy because she is knowledgeable and committed to you reaching your goals. IF I PRACTICED PILATES A LONG TIME AGO, I WOULD HAVE AVOIDED MANY INJURIES FROM COMPETING IN CROSS COUNTRY SKI RACING, BIKE RACING, TRIATHLONS, AND RUNNING MARATHONS!!!! And I wouldn’t have suffered through the times of injury as long as it took before. Pilates would have helped my shoulders with rock climbing, kayaking, and cross country skiing. It would have given me a stronger core for all sports, helped with hip problems from running, and given me better balance. Not only that, I can see how it helps with gardening, working with a job that makes demands on you physically, and just be able to enjoy the regular day to day living demands more easily. I think what I love about Pilates is the ability to isolate and target a muscle group without distractions from the rest of your body because you are supported with specific Pilates equipment. You can focus on what needs to be worked on for any reason and a person develops a beautiful sense of body awareness. “Pedal to the Metal“ is fine, but WAY BETTER if it is done with complete awareness. – Vivian Luoma