Amy Krazizky

Owner/ Pilates Instructor


“I initially discovered Pilates throughout my own hip and back rehab, and enjoyed how the work balanced my body and allowed me to feel the connection between movement and my mind. My own Pilates practice has transformed my posture, core strength, joint mobility and mind-body connection.

Feeling the change within my own body fueled my passion to help others experience the same benefits of Pilates. My love for challenging movement and exercise inspired me to complete my Fully Comprehensive Training in Classical Pilates Method under Tanis Fleming.

I now find it so rewarding to teach those who also really want to change their bodies and deepen their understanding of movement. Grateful for what I can learn from my clients, I am finding Pilates an ever-expanding and amazing journey.

Clients have told me that I am natural and empathetic teacher that inspires and motivates.”

Note: Comprehensive Pilates Training:- Ensures training in Functional Anatomy, biomechanical principles of exercise and their application to Pilates Matwork and a full apparatus repertoire, , the biomechanical principles of exercises and their application to Matwork and full apparatus repertoire. Theory and practice of postural analysis, Workout composition for personal and group training, for peripheral extremity conditioning, flexibility, joint stability, balance and coordination, Verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation, Exercise layering related to effective program design. Over 700 hours.

Amy has always exhibited a keen mind for Pilates- ever since she first came to me as a client and later as a student. She has passion and understanding but most importantly, a thirst for knowledge regarding the dynamics of the human body. The system of the authentic Pilates method and all the apparatus is not easy to learn, but Amy has devoted herself wholly since the beginning. This is the sign of a truly great instructor- someone who cares about their clients enough to sacrifice all their free time to this method!

I’m so proud of her for developing a studio space, and for her vision for overall health and wellness for so many people!
Tanis Fleming, Pilates Teacher Trainer,

Tanis Fleming

Pilates Master Teacher + Teacher Trainer


Tanis Fleming has been a fully trained and certified Pilates instructor for over 14 years. A former dance/kinesiology major at the University of Calgary, it was here that she was first introduced to the Pilates Apparatus, and the Pilates method of body ‘Contrology’.

She completed her comprehensive Pilates education through STOTT Pilates, and has completed subsequent master level courses in rehabilitation designed for physiotherapists and high level Pilates instructors. Tanis also holds certification through the Pilates Method Alliance, a worldwide organization dedicated to recognizing the integrity of authentic Pilates and those who teach it.

Tanis also spent two and a half years working in a renowned Physiotherapy clinic where she was able to learn and observe the many therapeutic practices in dealing with the acute and chronic conditions plaguing the human body. Anything from fibromyalgia, disc issues, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain and much more. This particular clinic had a ‘whole body’ approach to wellness and healing and used many different techniques in treating the patient; craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, as well as traditional Physiotherapy modalities. Tanis’ role in the clinic was help reconnect these patients’ neuromuscular pathways through the use of Pilates, and pre-Pilates exercises. This proved very successful as the root of many dysfunctions, or the eventual reality, is compensated strength patterns that are not connected to core stabilization.

Tanis has had the unique opportunity to teach immense hours and bodies over the course of her career as she has owned and operated two different studios, as well as worked for other studios.This experience of applying her training and passion for human kinetics on a constant basis has proved invaluable in understanding the wealth of information and potential our bodies store.

While the contemporary menthol has given Tanis a fantastic base for learning Pilates, it is through the classical method that she now aligns herself to as it has been proven to be more thorough and healing for the bodies she works with.

Tanis now mainly teaches private clientele, workshops, as well as training teachers in the Pilates method!

Corinne Saunders MD

Apprentice Teacher

I deeply believe in the transformative power of Joseph Pilates original method. Return to Life through Contrology was my lived experience as I recovered from a prolonged cancer illness using the Pilates method, under the instruction and guidance of Tanis Fleming. Regaining connection to body, self and soul is indeed returning to a life full of vitality and purpose.


When working with the Pilates method I am attentive to brain/body connections as they manifest in the body and the often dysfunctional movement patterns of the musculoskeletal system. When I am with a client, I enjoy helping them work from where they are at in their body and in their present circumstances. Working from that point, I see my role as facilitating connectivity from the deeper muscular layers outwards, building the functionality of the core that then supports all daily activities and chosen recreational pursuits, in addition to the underlying goal of expanding personal awareness and transformation.


As a retired physician I maintain an active interest in neuroscience and am currently studying somatic psychotherapy, both of which inform my work. I am also involved in community work in a variety of venues. I am an avid river walker and meditator. I love to write as a hobby and read obsessively. I am transitioning from the world of medicine to the world of Pilates and in this I have found a new home.

Vivian Luoma

Apprentice Teacher

Dealing with my own injuries makes me a natural fit for treating other individuals in that recovery stage.  I have a keen interest in helping others recover to  fully enjoy their lives, interests, and activities in the long term.

“As an athlete from a young age, I have experienced a multitude of injuries from going “pedal to the metal” and because the attitude from those in sports was to push hard to the next level of performance.  I understand the nature of injury, the importance of ongoing rehabilitation for prevention, and now know that proper functional movement enhances performance.  I am noticing how Pilates is beneficial for my injuries (even some I thought were already dealt with), and that the road to complete recovery will occur with this modality.  Pilates is definitely my choice of natural restoration using proper functional training methods to unite the connection of the mind and muscle.”

Wendy Ralph

Apprentice Teacher

I was first introduced to Pilates in mat classes in England. Even that limited exposure many years ago made quite an impression. Since then I have trained in various exercise methods but none have had the same effect as pilates.
A lifetime of exercise, training and more than a few mishaps have taken their toll. I thought I was in shape until I was re-introduced to the full method and I still can’t believe the  difference.   I come from a teaching background so I feel it’s only natural to want to teach pilates to others. The Cores and Effect Studio has provided a solid foundation in the method and I am excited to share what I have learned. Pilates is truly for everyone!

Tracy Mills

Apprentice Teacher

During my childhood and early teens I took part in many sports and activities, however, after leaving school my office based career and busy family life meant that regular exercise gradually disappeared from my list of priorities. In recent years I began to experience back and neck pain.

Since discovering Pilates I have gradually begun to regain that joy of movement from my childhood, and I am looking forward to sharing my passion with others who also have the desire to learn to reconnect with their bodies.

Cathy Burton

Apprentice Teacher

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry for over two decades and found Pilates when my chronically troublesome back began to interfere with how I wanted to live my life.  After trying many different practitioners of various modalities,  I can conclude unequivocally  that Pilates is the best thing that ever happened to my back!  As an apprentice teacher, I am excited to discover that Pilates can restore and heal  not just our backs,  but through a dynamic mind-body focus, our entire bodies!