Tanis Fleming

Tanis Fleming

Not on site | Teacher Trainer, Contributing Author of the C&E Tool Kit

Tanis Fleming has been a fully trained and certified Pilates instructor for over 14 years.

Tanis Fleming has been a fully trained and certified Pilates instructor for over 14 years. A former dance/kinesiology major at the University of Calgary, it was here that she was first introduced to the Pilates Apparatus, and the Pilates method of Body Contrology.

She completed her comprehensive Pilates education through STOTT Pilates, and has completed subsequent master level courses in rehabilitation designed for physiotherapists and high level Pilates instructors. Tanis also holds certification through the Pilates Method Alliance, a worldwide organization dedicated to recognizing the integrity of authentic Pilates and those who teach it.

Tanis also spent two and a half years working in a renowned Physiotherapy clinic where she was able to learn and observe the many therapeutic practices in dealing with the acute and chronic conditions plaguing the human body. Anything from fibromyalgia, disc issues, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain and much more. This particular clinic had a ‘whole body’ approach to wellness and healing and used many different techniques in treating the patient; craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, as well as traditional Physiotherapy modalities. Tanis’ role in the clinic was help reconnect these patients’ neuromuscular pathways through the use of Pilates, and pre-Pilates exercises. This proved very successful as the root of many dysfunctions, or the eventual reality, is compensated strength patterns that are not connected to core stabilization.

Tanis has had the unique opportunity to teach immense hours and bodies over the course of her career as she has owned and operated two different studios, as well as worked for other studios.This experience of applying her training and passion for human kinetics on a constant basis has proved invaluable in understanding the wealth of information and potential our bodies store.

While the contemporary menthol has given Tanis a fantastic base for learning Pilates, it is through the classical method that she now aligns herself to as it has been proven to be more thorough and healing for the bodies she works with.

Tanis now mainly teaches private clientele, workshops, as well as training teachers in the Pilates method!