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A balanced lifestyle consists of physical fitness, natural health, personal growth, and well-being: thriving in a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

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Client Testimonial for Personal Programming

Finding my way back

The last two years of my life have been filled with loss and sorrow. I lost my Mother, who I adored, to Breast Cancer. I started to gain weight and it spiraled out of control. I was emotionally eating to fill the void. Over the course of the past two years I tried numerous diet programs that failed. Nothing was working. I was on a constant weight yo-yo. Seeing my weight go up and down left me feeling hopeless. Then I found Amy from Cores and Effect and decided to give Pilates a try. I told Amy about my journey and my struggles and she designed a program to help me. I have been working with a team of three, Amy with Pilates, Donna with Craniosacral Therapy and Troy from Momentum Cycling. The team became so much more than just helping me try to reach my weight loss goal, it created a mind/body change.

After a very short period of time I noticed a huge change in my body with Pilates. I feel stronger and I have more balance in my body. Pilates has worked muscles that have never worked before. I started to see my body begin to shrink. I realized that my struggles were also connected to my emotional well-being. Amy recognized this too and she brought Donna into the team who practices Craniosacral therapy. This light touch therapy was key to creating balance in my life. After just one session with Donna I felt the stress and tension in my body melting away. I started to feel more centered physically and emotionally. I realized that I have been holding onto this weight because I was stuck. Donna told me that, through her therapy, the weight would begin to come off as I moved through this process. As my stress and tension started to melt away so did my weight. Over a series of sessions Donna helped me to unlock the key to what was holding me back so that I could move forward with my life. The addition of Troy from Momentum Cycling helped me to create discipline. It took discipline from the moment I woke up. I would spring into action, put my runners on and hit the bike to follow Troy’s bike program. In a very short period of time I noticed the strength coming back into my legs. He designed a bike program for weight loss and after week two the results were already noticeable. 

All three elements of this program with Body, Mind, and Discipline are what have worked for me. I called this program my 30-day challenge. A healthy and balanced diet along with this fitness program helped me to achieve my goal. I am happy to say that after 30 days I have lost over 15 pounds. At the end of this challenge I realized the most important thing of all. This has not been a diet. Diets fail. This has been a lifestyle and mental well-being change. I have an extremely busy life balancing my career and family. It is easy to make excuses to say I don’t have the time to do all this… and that is exactly what they are … excuses. You have to make the time and commit. I committed and put this program into my busy schedule. I woke up earlier than usual. I made choices in the evening that would find the time for ME for the program.

Thank you Amy from Cores and Effect, Donna with Craniosacral Therapy and Troy from Momentum Cycling.

I am on a new and exciting path. I know I will do it! I am finding my way back.

Tina Patton