Therapeutic Thai Massage + Qi Gong Tailored Sessions

Therapeutic Thai Massage + Qi Gong Tailored Sessions For Individuals

From the horizontal to the vertical…

Kat Dancer BA, BHSAI, RTT, CMT, began practicing & sharing massage more than 20 years ago. With a varied career involving a number of disciplines including Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Massage, Movement and Meditation, Kat travels globally sharing her experience and talents in several fields. She provides therapeutic services in the Bragg Creek area.

Thai Massage – dramatically different from western massage. Thai happens on a floor mat, fully clothed, without the use of oil. We use a complex dance of gentle to firm pressure, traction, stretches, compaction, rotation, shaking, movements that some liken to “having yoga done to you”, breathing and deep relaxation.

Thai massage has been called “Oriental Sports Massage” and is shown to be highly beneficial in aiding recovery after injury, improving chronic restrictions, and in maintaining fitness for high- performance activities.

Qi Gong – the foundation of Chinese martial arts and meditative practices. Standing postures that improve the flow of energy (Qi) through the body, maintain and assist flexibility, balance, breath, emotional stability and promote general wellbeing and overall health.

Combination Sessions – when these two Oriental practices meld together we can create a uniquely balanced approach to self-care. After one of Kat’s sessions of Thai Massage the body usually feels opened, relaxed and invigorated. This is a great time to move from passive horizontal therapy to active vertical therapy in Qi Gong. Together we will move, flex and flow through meditative standing movements that help promote mental clarity, stability, freedom and balance.

Thai sessions are usually 90 minutes. These customized combined sessions may be 60 minutes massage followed by 30 minutes of Qi Gong and discussion.

Individual snapshots of health may be booked on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. At this time appointments are available February weekends 10/11 & 24/25 and March weekends 3/4, 10/11 and 17/18. +1 415 525 2630
NHPC#9573. Covered by Health Insurance.